Welcome to Open Gate Christian Fellowship

Open Gate Christian Fellowship (OGCF) is a group of like-minded Christians who love God and one another as commanded in the inspired Word of God, the Bible. We are a family-oriented church with programs and activities for all age groups.
Our pastor, Lee Talley, is firmly rooted in the Scriptures and brings the Word of God to our congregation through a weekly exhortation from the Bible. He systematically teaches in a book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse methodology that is inspired by the Holy Spirit and enlightens the believers.
You are welcome to come and visit our facilities or contact any of the staff directly if you have any questions, issues, or needs. Thank you for taking the time to browse our site, and may God bless you with His abundant love, mercy, and grace.
Open Gate sermons and messages are now available on YouTube at OGCF Media.