Prayer Requests

Prayer Needs in our Church Family—

Week of November 22, 2020

Remember to pray for…


Charleen Soeth’s daughter, Jennifer – Cancer

Ted & Nancy Crandell – health issues

Jerry Hoops – numbers have improved/taken off kidney transplant list! PTL!

Gayle Hoops, Jerry’s wife – continues to improve from hip surgery

Margaret Reynolds health issues

Joe Hinton – recovering from heart procedure at home

Connie Brummet – pain management/doing much better

Bill Bernstein – dry mouth condition 24/7 no relief

Erin Parisio’s dad – recovering from 3 way bypass surgery this past week

Casey (Vader) Moroso – recovering from a burst appendix

Shut-ins – those who aren’t able to be with us today

Fires, firefighters and victims/support for the Berry Creek fire victims



Don & Crissie Talley – YFC – Denver, CO

Jim & Anna Mensie – Mission Belize


—Our People in Military Service—

Drew Martin-Air Force                Stephen & Kayla Chappell-Marines

Wayne Stevens-Natl. Guard        Charlie Alcantara-Army/Japan

Blake Roessel-Marines                Andrew Mossman-Air Force

Daniel Doxie-Marines/Japan        Jonathan Cavier-Air Force

Courtney Taylor-Navy/Japan       Chad Sousa-Army

Deanna White-Navy                   Chase Lambert-Navy

Citlali Barajas-Army                   Christopher Walter-Marines

Matthew Walter-Navy                 Abram Johnson-Marines

Kaylen Wilson-National Guard    Matthew & Faith Hickman-Air Force/Germany

Efren Gonzalez-Marines              Tristen Wesley-Army (Ted & Nancy’s grandson)

Nic McBride-Army (Kylie Spencer’s husband/Holly’s grandson)



    (If the status of any of our military people has changed, please let us know)