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B&PIF projects include:
  •  Upgrade pedestrian ramp COMPLETE
  •  Upgrades to restroom facilities for ADA compliance.
  • Construction of new kitchen, class- rooms and storage facilities.
If any of you are familiar with California’s small towns, most have a building known as the “Armory” and it housed the local “Reserve” unit or the National Guard. Well Willows is no different, but the down-sizing of the United States military over the decades allowed our local building to become available a few years ago.
Open Gate Christian Fellowship leased the space from the State of California back in the late ’90s and finally arranged to purchase the property at a state surplus property auction in 2014.
We are so blessed that God has allowed us to continue the ministry of Open Gate Christian Fellowship from this location. Please check back often for updates as we move forward on improvement plans for the OGCF facility.
June 2015 – OGCF has embarked upon an expansion campaign to improve and maintain the newly acquired facilities. A Building and Property Improvement Fund (B&PIF) has been created to gather the necessary resources to complete the initial phase of facility renovation. Please be in pray to see what skills and resources you could contribute for these projects.
 Video of Property Acquisition