View From the Front Row

By Jerry Hoops
A new year has begun. The old year is over with its may trials and life experiences, and a year of new beginnings moves on. I heard from an old friend this morning by way of Facebook and this past year was one full of many hard trials and personal experiences for her. Her family was beset by heart failures and heart attacks of her husband and herself. As I have followed this family there have been many faithful friends and family keeping them in constant prayer.
She posted this morning . . . “Our lives have been on a roller coaster all year especially the last five months. Thank God for our friends and family for helping us limp along. We would not have made it without all of you.
Just now I heard Life Flight come in to the hospital. 17 years ago it was us waiting for the chopper to come and save my life. It still makes me stop and say a prayer every time I hear it. I am grateful every minute for those men and women who are at work just like any other day to save lives. Thank God for them.”
My friend went on . . .  “I must say that I have had to dig deep to follow the plan this year.  Many times I have wanted to give up, throw the towel in, cry out “OK Satan, you win”, but I would hear Life Flight, or one of the grandchildren would text, or I’d hear the birds singing. Then I’d know . . . that God hasn’t given up on me so I need to keep following the Plan. Jeremiah  29:11 says “These are my thoughts for tomorrow”……what are yours?”
I find Hope in His plan for my life just as my friend has. In the comments section of my friend’s posting there was one young gentleman who indicated how my friend was such an encouragement to him as he watch how she lived her life ever dependent upon God.
How could my friend have known 17 years ago while facing heart failure that God had a plan for her life that would impact someone 17 years later by how she lived her daily life? The answer is she could not, but by living by faith in the One who loves us most, we can live our lives in Him and honor Him by our faithfulness.
May 2017 be a year dedicated to living a life wholly and acceptable to Him through His power working actively within us.